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I'm not sure that I have much more to say about Tove Jansson, other than that I'm very glad that this community prompted me to pick up her later, adult, fiction. I've been raving about her ever since, made my work book club read The True Deceiver, gave my mother a copy of The Summer Book for Christmas...

This is a collection put together from various other collections; one or two I'd already come across in Travelling Light. They're a bit of a mixed bag. My absolute favourite was 'Messages', a wicked compilation of domestic notes, fanmail and impudent requests that Jansson received as the author of the Moomins series. Next best were the ones taken from The Sculptor's Daughter, heavily autobiographical, and again with a convincing child's voice.

I'll make it to Maritim, got hod of Gustafsson, van coming at 8, have redirected mail to summer address, bye kiss Tooti. Take last things out of fridge

Hi my name is Olavi. You write well but last time you didn't make a happy ending. Why do you do this?

We look forward to your valued reply soonest concerning Moomin motifs on toilet paper in pastel shades

Don't say too much if they ring, don't promise yet. Bye Tooti

Hi! We're three girls in a mad rush with our essays about you could you help us by saying in just a few words how you started writing and why and what life means to you and then a message to young people you know the kind of thing. Thanks in advance

Dear Miss Jansson, You must understand that the only way I can earn a living are panholders with Moomin figures which I design myself and make in the kitchen without any paid help at present. How would 6% be for a start



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